Upload a photo or video and tag a location where it was taken.

In the event that the user is near the location of the person the user has followed, the app will notify the user


How It Works


A map of the current location of the user will be displayed.


From the exact location of the footprint, you can view name, location, date posted, uploader and photos/videos.


Please view the following to know about our app in details.


User can access.
  • Opt out whether to upload a photo or a video.
  • Possible to use your phone gallery
  • Input the footprint name, location and description information about the added photo/video.


Tap the notification button.
  • Will be shown arranged according to the recency.
  • You will get a notification once another user has followed, or if you are nearby a footprint of a person that you have followed.
  • Tapping this notification will guide you to the exact location.


Will show the list of the friends the user has followed.
  • If you click a certain friend, you will be directed to the latter’s profile.
  • Friends who are active nearby will show at the top of the list.
  • Friends with the most footprints will also be suggested at the left side of the frient’s list.


Will show the user's details and default profile picture.
  • Possible to edit your own details and change your picture.
  • Possible to access your own footprints.
  • A follow button is available, if you view a profile of another user who is not followed by yourself.